Friday, January 2, 2009

(Very) Slow to Posting...

So I finally got all our annual Christmas letters sent out (yes, as you can see it was well after Christmas). In our letter we were great about putting in there that we were now officially bloggers. What I failed to notice is that it has been almost NINE MONTHS since I actually inputted anything online!!! My gosh. Talk about a failure. What's happened is I never got finished posting my Antarctica info. I remember it was such a chore sifting through hundreds of photos, picking the cream of the crop for posting. Then it was writing up what could have been a novel into a shorter version to post. (There was just so much to talk about from such a GREAT TRIP!) Thus, I got to one point and just stopped. I didn't even post the most fun part of the trip...the penguins, seals and whales encountered!

Thus, this is now part of my New Year's get this blog updated ASAP. Put that in line with the wreck of an office and craft room that needs organized, bills that need to be filed (thank goodness for electronic payments so we at least still have our electricity on!) and a checkbook that needs to be balanced. (Oh yes, there's that little thing of a BABY ON THE WAY to prep for, as well as start thinking about getting stuff organized for a move to Spain.) I've got to make the time for it, though. Little by little I will conquer it all.

Many thanks to those kind friends and family who have received their holiday letter and gave me a gentle reminder that I have not updated my blog. Please know that it is under construction. I will dedicate a little to its write-up each day, even if it kills me. I would like to do my final posting about Antarctica, and then I will do a quick recap of the other events since then (two Ragnar Relays, marathons and half marathons galore, the expecting of our first baby, an upcoming move to Spain, etc).

My love to you all. I appreciate your patience and support. I'll get this updated soon. It'll be a good habit to have for when we move overseas and this will be our primary means of letting everyone know what's going on in our lives.

Take Care, Jennifer and Dennis

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